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What Makes SEO Course From Us Powerful?

SEO is one of the next big thing that is going to happen in the marketing industry. Every business, whether small or big, catering local or international audience is going to need SEO. But the problem is no one actually knows what is SEO actually consisted of, and when they get to know the factors they are clueless about the process.

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Workshops for SEO

Basic SEO Workshop


First Gear for SEO Learners | 2 Hrs Workshop | Weekend Only What is SEO Terminologies Link Juice Website Architecture Requirement: Must in Grad School

Advance SEO Workshop


Advance SEO Techniques | 4 Hrs Workshop | Weekend Only What is On Page SEO? On Page SEO Techniques What is Off Page SEO? Off Page SEO Techniques Website Audit 3 Main Ranking Factors Requirement: Must in Grad School | Know the Basic of SEO (What is SEO & How It Works)

SEO Analytics Workshop


Final Step For SEO Learners | 1.5 Hrs Workshop | Weekend Only Google Search Console How To Create Report Recommendation Requirement: Must in Grad School | Know the Advance Level of SEO (What is SEO, How It Works, On Page & Off Page Techniques)

SEO MasterClass


A Complete knowledge about SEO From Basics toh Advance | 26 Hrs Course | Weekend Batches Available Module 1: Terminologies & Basic of SEO Module 2: Keyword Research Module 3: Content Marketing Module 4: Strategy & Analytics Requirement: Must in Grad School