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Planning Your Digital Marketing Presence in 2024 ? Check This Out

Planning Your Digital Marketing Presence in 2024? Check This Out

Whenever there is a word ‘strategy’ people start panicking without realizing that if you panic you will turn the situation into the worst. I am not sure about the other strategies, but when it comes to strategies related to marketing...


What is Digital Marketing And Everything you need to know before starting your Digital Marketing Journey in 2024

Remember the year 2020? It was really a roller coaster for all human beings as well as businesses and that was the year when businesses turned towards digital marketing. But even after 3 years, people face difficulty in getting their digital marketing right. Therefore, this is the best time to talk ...


What is Ads Ka Grand Post Mortem? By Trece HUB


Even if you are reading this, there might be a possibility that you have no clue who exactly i am. So, starting with a brief introduction;

I am Krunali Jaiyawala, founder of Trece HUB (A Venture By AdVenture Agency). I am qualified marketer (Masters with Marketing as specialization (VNSGU, Su...


Want To Make Your Next SMM Strategy A Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy. Make Sure You Know These 7 P' s

After the pandemic hit in 2020, all the businessmen and professionals have started considering social media as an important brand-building tool. Especially the organic marketing on social media is meant to give you a long term benefit which can sustain through any external threat.

(The only rule is...


The Art Of Storytelling in Marketing - Connecting With Your Audience in 2024 | Trece HUB

We all love stories and not just as kids but always. Remember you watching a movie or series? What keeps you hooked with it? It’s story right.

Usually there are 3Cs of the story - Conflict, Character & Climax. And we need each C to be interesting and well linked.

But have you ever wondered wha...


It's Time 5 Star Gets A 5 Star | Trece HUB

Yeah, you read it right. 5 Star deserves a 5-star rating, not just for their new review ad commercials but for a brilliant move they started in the year 2022.

Confused? Don't worry; let me take you through it.

As we all know, 5 Star is a Cadbury brand that targets millennials' essential characteri...