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Trust me its more then just writing 2 blogs a month with a link that connects it with our website. How do we know? Because our Lady Boss have handled more than 50 clients in span of 2.5 years which she spent in a MNC company. Scrutiny is more brutal on abroad websites than it’s here in India. So if she can handle that, she can definitely handle yours. And we are trained by her, so Legagcy Continues…

A Proper SEO marketing starts with a 6 months strategy mentioning everything that is lacking and will be covered in the next six month.

What? Did you just Said No One Provides you the Strategy? Ahhhh, may be you worked with a wrong team!

How do SEO work at Trece HUB?

When a Client doesn’t have or needs a website

  • Creating Google
  • Optimizing GoogleMyBusiness Account
  • Posting Mini blogs, pictures on the account
  • Reporting

When Client Have A Website

  • Analysing Website
  • Checking Plagiarism (Duplicate Content)
  • Backlinks Checking
  • Keyword Research
  • Creating a Strategy
  • Execution of Strategy
  • Reporting

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An SEO analyst will never give the advice to use black hat SEO to increase the clientele base. At Trece HUB, our SEO experts are strictly against Black Hat SEO.

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Already got an optimized website? Then you must have visibility too, right!? No? No worries. We are here to get you a consultation and detailed analysis of your website or an account to make your business visible.

We understand that SEO is a slow process, but if your looking for a strategy that helps your brand rank immediately on SERPs or wanting to spread awareness about your services and products instantly then we have strategies for that too. Let’s connect and grow!

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