Why Choose Customized Course?

Digital marketing course consists of each and every aspect of digital marketing strategies.

So ,

Imagine you learning Whole digital marketing which is Alteast 16 Aspects within 120 hours and Learning one Aspect in 26 Hrs, where do you think it will Work in Your Favour?

Also, Digital marketing Managers will be hired in Companies where the work will be monotonous and you will be responsible for handling all the platforms and drives results from the same, wherein via Specialized Digital Marketing courses you will be able to master one aspect and collaborate for rest.

What Digital Marketing Aspect We Teach?

Digital marketing is booming right. Every day there are new updates. So excelling at every aspect is bit difficult. Our Coach - Krunali Jaiyawala (Owner @ Trece HUB), is a Qualified Marketer and also hold a PG Diploma in Advertising & PR from MICA (Ahemdabad).

With 7 years of industry experience including 2.5+ Years working with MNC handling SEO Project, would be a reliable trainer.

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A Complete knowledge about Social Media From Basics toh Advance | 30 Hrs Course | Weekend Batches Available Module 1: Basics of Social Media & Research Module 2: Let’s Write & Design Module 3: Let’s Dig in More Module 4: Promoting Others As Well as Oneself Requirement: Must in Grad School

Basic Social Media Workshop


First Gear for Social Media Learners | 2 Hrs Workshop | Weekend Only Creating Page Bio Page Settings Hashtag Research Requirement: Must in Grad School